I absolutely love English on a Roll! I don't have any textbooks for use with my ESL kids...English on a Roll IS my textbook....It's the best resource in my classroom! Thanks again...your product is the best on the market!!!!

H. Simon, ESL teacher, Cincinnati, OH

English on a Roll is brilliant! I've had great success using the cubes in Business English classes as well as in one on one classes with students as young as 12. It's hard to give any constructive critisism because all of my students have given very positive feedback.

I find that students are a little more engaged with the board game when I mix the cubes around after each turn so that new sentences have to be built "from scratch" instead of by making one small change. To keep students on their toes even more, I take turns and create correct sentences sometimes and incorrect sentences sometimes. Students move ahead if they can confirm correct sentences or correct incorrect sentences correctly.

Overall, it has been a huge hit! The colorful board and competitive fun associated with moving pieces around the edge makes class exciting and fresh. It has been amazing to see how clearly this multi-sensory learning tool helps students to grasp and remember grammar. Thank you for your wonderful addition to my teaching experience as well!

Jaimie Arndt, Turkenfeld, Germany

The hands-on presentation (of English on a Roll) was the highlight of our conference. Your teachers will walk away knowing how to use the product and have ideas to make it successful in their classrooms....

C. Heimbach, Adult Education Director, Grenada, Mississippi

Our kids love it. It’s like a game to them and they don’t even realize that they’re learning.

Jacques Angelino, English teacher to K-2 homeless children, Columbus, Ohio

A wonderful textbook and an excellent multisensory tool to teach with.

Jet Programme

I purchased (English on a Roll) myself and we have used it with our struggling middle school and high school students. It has really helped with our ESL students and in particular a student that is ESL/Resource.

K. Phillips, ESL Coordinator, Crandall, TX

“At last, hands-on grammar…long overdue and well worth the wait!”
“Everyone gets involved.”
“Students become teachers.”
“English on a Roll + learning while playing… A can’t miss educational experience for all.”

S. Carreño, Goshen Middle School ENL Department Chair, Goshen, IN

English On A Roll: It's multisensory, it's hands-on, and it's fun-- all essential elements in providing effective instruction.

J. Fantine, Director, Central/Southeast ABLE Resource Center, Athens, OH

I'm using this set now and it is great! I am a professional tutor who's worked with students of all ages on math and reading primarily. I have used the EOAR (English on a Roll) lessons with young reading students and now am using them with my ESL students. I find the simplicity of these lessons and the interactive aspects to be the best for these students. I don't like to have to deal with a lot of new vocabulary and your lessons get to the point quickly without a lot of nomenclature they have to remember. Also, the charts and exercises are generally good which gives them practice with what they are learning. The cubes are great and I use them a lot! The solidity of them really helps to balance out the significance of the material being learned. I look forward to doing more of the games. I haven't used the games much since I've just been working with individuals but I look forward to doing more of them when I have groups of students.

C. LaRose, Reading and ESL tutor, Clearwater, Florida

With all the plethora of curriculum out there it’s hard finding something that works for a child with special needs. I should know as I have a 13 year old daughter with severe learning issues, Autism, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Arthritis, and much more that makes teaching her difficult. My daughter responded so well with English on a Roll. She loved the cubes and putting the color patterns together. She wanted to jump ahead of the lessons to know what each cube color represented. It was like playing a board game with her. There are so many grammar skills taught without her even knowing it....I am really impressed with English on a Roll. It was easy to teach, and the manual tells you everything you need to do and say. The prep time was quick and easy. The best part is that it was stress-free teaching my daughter. She enjoyed it so much and didn’t even fuss at me when it was time for her lessons. No one is feeling overwhelmed and that makes this one happy mom! This is just a unique and fun way to teach English and I would recommend English on a Roll.

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My students and I have enjoyed the English on a Roll cubes. I am still amazed by the beauty of the cubes and the ingenuity of their creator. I am surprised that so wide a breadth of types of words can fit on only 40 cubes! My special needs children enjoyed touching the sentences they made and literally playing with words.… the cubes themselves have been a delight and have aided in my children’s grasp of English grammar and syntax.

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...I teach the disabled. We bought one of your sets at the conference to test for use with the dyslexic, and my colleagues are so impressed that we are going to be buying at least five other sets for use!...This is a wonderful tool and I know that my students are going to benefit incredibly! Thank you so much for all your hard work.

D. Altvater, Community College of Aurora