Class Size (3)

How many students can play with one set of cubes at a time?
One set of cubes per one to six students is ideal, but some teachers use one set for up to 12 students at a time.

Is English on a Roll used for large classrooms?
Absolutely. Simply divide the class into groups of five or six students, and give one cube set to each group.

Do I need a set of English on a Roll® cubes for each student?
No. We’ve deliberately designed this learning activity so that up to six students can share the same set, taking turns at manipulating the cubes. In fact, students’ working together encourages peer-to-peer language teaching and cooperative learning. It is highly recommended that you purchase multiple sets for groups over 6.

Using English on a Roll (4)

What’s the easiest way to remove English on a Roll® language cubes from the container?
Because the cubes fit snugly in their box (which means you never have to count them at the end of class) it may be difficult to lift them out occasionally. Simply close the container, turn it upside down, and open it so that the cubes rest on the lid.

Do I give all of the cubes to my students at once?
Definitely not! Give your language students only the cubes that are needed for the lesson at hand. Once your students are familiar with how the cubes work, have them find the particular ones for the lesson, and close the box on the remaining cubes.

I use multiple English on a Roll® sets in my classroom. Any suggestion on how keep the learning cube sets separate from one another?
You can color code the language learning cube sets with permanent ink pens. Simply put a colored dot on one of the faces of each cube in the set. Use a different color for the next set, and so on. When students put the cubes back in the box, have them turn the dots up so that the set of cubes in each box have dots of the same color.

I have never taught English before. Will I be able to use English on a Roll®?
Yes. The textbook is written to support newcomers to English language instruction as well as experienced teachers. The simple teaching tips and reproducible materials make it easy to teach important concepts in a meaningful, step-by-step sequence.

About English on a Roll (1)

Why is English on a Roll effective?
English on a Roll is so effective as an English Language teaching tool because . . .

It's research-based: The English on a Roll program is based on principles of Multisensory Structured Language (MSL), an extensively researched and highly successful language instruction method.

It's multisensory: Rarely do language programs offer hands-on tools to students. English on a Roll is one of the few that simultaneously engages the three main pathways to the brain: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic/tactile.

It reduces errors and fosters success: The major groups of English parts of speech appear on individual cubes, respectively. For example, the pronouns ‘I, you, he/she, it, we, they’ are engraved on one cube. Because only these words are on the cube, students learn the pronouns by association as they rotate the cube. In addition, the student has only six (in this case seven) words to choose from instead of hundreds or thousands, which greatly reduces errors.

Its game-like quality encourages practice: Each lesson includes games to play, and students create their own, too. English on a Roll is fun, which keeps students practicing–and practice is recognized as the single most significant factor in language acquisition.

It includes comprehensive instructional tools: The accompanying manual combines instructors’ guides and reproducible exercises for each of the teaching units–everything that is needed for successful learning. The teaching guides are easily used by anyone with a good command of English, and include games for each lesson.

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I am not in the US, what are your international orders policies?
International Order Information
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Can I preview English on a Roll?
To Preview English on a Roll®
To request a single cube learning set with accompanying manuals for examination for 60 days on a pre-paid basis:

  • Mark your order form “For examination”
  • If you return your order, it must arrive in original condition, so pack it carefully.
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  • Enclose a copy of your original receipt.

As soon as salable items are returned, we will refund your money minus shipping and handling.

Teacher Review of English on a Roll® (United States Only)
For language teachers who wish a 60 day review of English on a Roll for their institution:

  • Contact us for approval
  • Send us a purchase order (for one set plus shipping) marked “On Approval” with an authorized signature and institutional billing address
  • Include the words, “Net 60 days or return of the product in salable condition with all postage pre-paid.”

For returns of review kits: pack the entire kit and contents with care and return with shipping pre-paid. We recommend you use certified mail or other means to provide proof of delivery.

Can I order English on a Roll by mail, phone or fax?
Of course! We do not take phone orders, but you can order by email, fax or mail, using either our order form or a PO form from your own organization. Simply click download and print our PDF Order Form: English On A Roll Order Form​

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Where can I get labels to add vocabulary on the cubes?

We recommend using Avery 5/8″ x 7/8″ Self-Adhesive Removable Labels #05424. You can purchase them at any office supply store, or online.