each other?” She searched high and low for a step-by-step guide or tool to teach her English as a 2nd language learners, without success.

The Story Behind English On A Roll®

Linda Hopkins Koran, the creator of English on a Roll, came up with the idea for this fun and easy-to-use English language teaching program and game in 2001. Linda started an ESL (English as a Second Language) class to teach the English language to a class of 25 students. Most of her students were illiterate, none spoke English, and she didn’t speak their languages.

Linda’s first thought was, “How can I make it easy for my students to learn English when we can’t communicate even the simplest concepts to 

So, in her basement, with wooden blocks and paint, Linda began to develop the multi-sensory language learning system that is now English on a Roll. Linda’s students took to these easy-to-use English language and grammar cubes like ducks to water. She watched with delight as her students began helping each other build sentences and phrases in their new language…English!

Although originally developed as a tool for ESL, many other English language programs have been quick to adopt it. English on a Roll is now used to help readers and writers ages five through adult, in ESL, ELL, and Basic Literacy, as well as Special Education, Autism and Dyslexia programs in public and private schools, community-based literacy programs and in home schooling programs all over the United States and abroad.

From Linda Koran

“I love languages, and above all, I love teaching the English language! Every hour spent with my students is my opportunity to find ways to make it easier for them to master this difficult subject. I am forever grateful to my students for making it all possible. I hope English on a Roll® works wonders for you and your students.

​Languages are like intricate puzzles, each with unique rules and structure. Once the basic fundamentals of a language are understood, communicating becomes much simpler and more successful.”

~ Linda Hopkins Koran