This amazing educational tool is creating excitement among those of us involved in teaching and learning English as a first or second language. Its tactile nature is unique in the grammar field and evokes the student’s (and teacher’s!) senses of creativity and play. By manipulating a set of 40 color-coded cubes to build word groups and sentences, students learn all the fundamentals of English grammar.

Kit Features:

  • 40 durable, solid plastic cubes, 38 engraved with groups of related words and 2 blank cubes for customizing
  • Color-coded to facilitate learning by association
  • Easy to customize with additional vocabulary
  • 150-page instructor manual with teaching tips, lessons, games and reproducible materials

What is English on a Roll?

English on a Roll is a cube-based multisensory English grammar teaching program that enables students of any level and age to master English grammar and syntax, including all verb forms. By manipulating and rolling a set of forty color-coded cubes, students build unlimited phrases and sentences, thereby learning the basics of English. Its game-like quality makes grammar fun and encourages practice. Students love it! One set of cubes can be used for up to six students at a time; for classrooms, use multiple sets
of cubes.

English on a Roll!

​​Who uses English on a Roll?

Teachers, tutors, parents, therapists and volunteers use English on a Roll for teaching students ages 5 through adult in the following programs:

  • English as a Second Language
  • Beginning Reading (K-4)
  • Literacy
  • Special Education
  • Home Schooling
  • Adult Education

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make Grammar Learning Fun and Effective with ENGLISH ON A ROLL!

“I absolutely love English on a Roll!!!!  I’ve been using it for three years now,
and it’s the best resource I have in my classroom!”

Heather Simon, Princeton Community Middle School, Cincinnati, Ohio

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