English Grammar on 40 Fun Cubes!

English on a Roll – English Grammar Teaching Method

Teach English or learn English grammar with our fun, fast, and effective multisensory learning system!  Developed as an educational game for teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), English on a Roll works for all ages and learning levels — from early childhood through adult.


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What is English on a Roll?

English on a Roll is a cube-based multisensory English grammar teaching program that enables students of any level and age to master English grammar and syntax, including all verb forms.  By manipulating a set of forty color-coded cubes, students build unlimited phrases and sentences, thereby learning the basics of English.  Its game-like quality makes grammar fun and encourages practice.  Students love it!  One set of cubes can be used for up to six students at a time; for classrooms, use multiple sets of game cubes, but you’ll still need only one manual.


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 Who uses English on a Roll?

Teachers, tutors, volunteers, parents, and therapists use English on a Roll for teaching students ages 5 through adult in the following programs:

English as a Second Language (ESL)Literacy
Bilingual EducationHome Schooling
Special EducationBeginning Reading (K-5)
Remedial EducationGED

Why is it effective?

English on a Roll is so effective as an English Language teaching tool because it’s . . .

Research-based:  The English on a Roll program is based on principles of  Multisensory Structured Language (MSL), an extensively researched and highly successful language instruction method.

Multisensory: Rarely do language programs offer hands-on tools to students.  English on a Roll is one of the few that simultaneously engages the three main pathways to the brain:  visual, auditory, and kinesthetic/tactile.

Reduces errors and fosters success:  The major groups of English parts of speech appear on individual cubes, respectively.  For example, the pronouns ‘I, you, he/she, it, we, they’  are engraved on one cube.  Because only these words are on the cube, students learn the pronouns by association as they rotate the cube.  In addition,  the student has only six (in this case seven) words to choose from instead of hundreds or thousands, which greatly reduces errors.

Game-like quality encourages practice:  Each lesson includes games to play, and students create their own, too.  English on a Roll is fun, which keeps students practicing–and practice is recognized as the single most significant factor in language acquisition.

Includes comprehensive instructional tools: The accompanying manual combines instructors’ guides and reproducible exercises for each of the teaching units–everything that is needed for successful learning.  The  teaching guides are easily used by anyone with a good command of English, and include games for each lesson.


English as a second language learning game

English on a Roll: A complete English language learning program — making learning fun!

Kit Features:

• Multi-sensory learning: promotes success for English language students ages 5 through adult in ESL, ESOL, ELL, EFL, ABE, GED, Literacy, Special Education, Dyslexia, Autism, and Beginning Readers’ programs ( K-12 and adult ).

• 40 engraved, durable solid plastic cubes.

• Color-coded to promote easy recognition.

• Easy to customize with vocabulary.

• 150-page instructor manual with teaching tips, lesson plans & reproducible materials.


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